Religious liberty

The Church / Religious Liberty ~

Undermining of 1st Amendment with bias against Christians.
False front of “Christian” progressives funded by Soros coalition.

Relegation of faith to “worship” (private) and not all of life.

Pillar leaders to reinforce religious liberty (arts, law, together).

TAC serves to create content for the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation and similar organizations protecting religious freedom. (CPCF Summit 2015)

We run advocacy and messaging projects including:

Christians for a Sustainable Economy (    32,000
Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration (.com)                              31,000
Christians for America (pending)                                                 25,000 Likes
Christian Women for America (facebook)                                  15,000
Jews and Christians for America (facebook)                                8,000
Catholics for America                                                                       8,000
Baptists for America                                                                         3,500

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