Loving and Truthful
Often truth and love are considered unrelated, but we believe that biblical and Constitutional truths have yielded the highest good — the highest love — for human beings.

The roots of truth produce the fruit of joy. The yield of biblical and Constitutional truths include the dignity of the human person, freedom, the rule of law, the nuclear family, creativity and entrepreneurship, generosity to the poor, the scientific revolution and so on. TAC advances truth as love. Because of love, we cannot be silent or passive. God inspires believers to build in the ruins of culture, restoring all things.

Solutions and Outcomes
While it is essential to know what we are up against, critique is easier than creativity. TAC studies challenges in order to effectively make and execute our own positive planning. TAC is primarily about solutions. We are a connector and accelerator of creative teams and solutions.

Biblical and Constitutional
The Founders of the American Experiment were greatly inspired by Christian faith, The Bible and the resulting hope of human freedom on the earth. Countless letters, diary entries, speeches and laws make this clear — none so notably as the Declaration and United States Constitution.

The America Conservancy exists to honor and do justice to the American Experiment. In fact we reward “American Experiments” of younger people who wish to give new form to the Founding principles and vision.

We encourage unity in our first principles and we introduce leaders in various pillars of culture to one another. Why? To dream and to create tangible projects that lift up the life of the nation. Each pillar carries weight, and if standing together much good can be done. As Princeton professor Robert George put it, “Pillars fall, and rise, together.”

Hopeful and Innovative
Many citizens understandably feel demoralized. TAC does not derive hope from what we see around us, but from a loving God who promises to be with us always, and to make all things new. We abide in Him, and so we hope and we create.

Various studies reveal that the majority of citizens will sacrifice truth to avoid social tension. Bullying is real. Good is now often called ‘evil.’ TAC believes that the few who are resiliently truthful and loving will, despite personal consequences, lead and prevail.

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