Kelly Monroe Kullberg founded the Veritas Forum at Harvard, and many schools, to explore the world’s hardest questions in relation to God’s love and truth (veritas).  Veritas has become a warm and welcoming “symphonic witness” of Christians engaging with the secular world in light of suffering and also timeless wisdom, solutions and hope.  

In 2011 and 2012, Kelly met with Chuck Colson and colleagues about the need to unite Christians and other citizens of good will to work together to rebuild the pillars that uphold the culture and nation.

When Chuck passed away, Kelly re-doubled her efforts toward their common vision of a united Christian civic movement, and a rooted and thriving nation, once again.

Kelly firmly believes that America’s decline is not inevitable, but that we’re being out-maneuvered. And so The America Conservancy serves to unite partners in projects to overcome and do justice to the American Experiment and to our children’s futures. Because of love.


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