The Russell Kick Center for Cultural Renewal:

“Western civilization,” “North Atlantic community,” “the unity of the free world”—such phrases are employed nowadays by our publicists and our politicians so frequently and loosely that, to a good many of us in America, the words have ceased to signify much.  Click here to read more.

The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing Missionaries:

For many of our contemporaries, no one sums up missionaries of an earlier era like Nathan Price. The patriarch in Barbara Kingsolver’s 1998 novel, The Poisonwood Bible, Price tries to baptize… Click here to read more.

How to Win the Culture War:

If you don’t know that our entire civilization is in crisis, I hope you had a nice vacation on the moon. Many minds do seem moonstruck, however, blissfully unaware of the crisis—especially the “intellectuals,” who are supposed to be the most on top of current events. Click here to read more.

Awaiting a Season for Civility:

Do you think it’s too late for a Christmas gift idea? Not for the one I have in mind. It’s something you can give right now to anyone you like. It’s something that’s sorely needed in policy circles and political debates; namely, civility. Click here to read more.

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