The “Miracle” of the U.S Constitution

Today as we gather with loved ones to remember the birth of America, it’s easy to forget that our country almost choked to death in the cradle. Of course we won freedom from Britain in 1783, but for the first years after that, things did not go well. Rebellions festered, Congress was bankrupt, the Continental […]

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A Faith and Culture Devotional

The America Conservancy offers you our small but mighty book, A Faith and Culture Devotional, as we explore the intersection of faith and culture together. It’s a treasure book of God’s glory from 70 Christian friends who are, themselves, treasures: Os Guinness, artists Mako Fujimura and Bruce Herman, the late and truly great Dallas Willard […]

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CASE’s Letter to the President

Dear President Obama, Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Boehner, Recently, in the midst of the debt-ceiling crisis, a group calling themselves the “Circle of Protection,” led by Jim Wallis of the activist group Sojourners, met with you and your staff to claim that biblical mandates preclude limits to federal programs for low-income people. The Circle […]

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Speaker Boehner and other Esteemed Members of the United States Congress ~ Warm summer greetings.  EBI, an ad hoc group of several thousand evangelicals, thanks you for refraining from legislation that would open U.S. jobs to millions more foreign workers before prioritizing jobs and social services for the 18 million Americans who want a full-time […]

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