Americans Stand

Our Prelude to the new Ben-Hur film: Americans Stand

Written and Produced by Kelly Monroe Kullberg.
In partnership with Wounded Warrior Corps.
Distributed by Paramount.

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Your household budget in contrast to the reckless U.S. budget.

Is America a Republic or a Democracy? The United States Constitution created a republic, not a democracy, Georgetown University law professor Randy Barnett explains in his new book, Our Republican Constitution. “It all is based on two different readings of what ‘We the People’ means in the Constitution,” he told Heritage’s Rob Bluey last week in […]

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What Make’s America Different?

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The War on Poverty at 50

AN NRO SYMPOSIUM January 8, 2014 4:00 AM Experts reflect on what went right and what went wrong with LBJ’s initiative.Today marks the 50th anniversary of LBJ’​s announcing his “war on poverty.” What went wrong? What, if anything, went right? What would a real war on poverty look like in 2014? Some experts reflect. Josh […]

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